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My Teacher: Divorce

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

It made me experience brokenness

And nothingness before Allah.

Just in the right place to be fixed

By the All-Loving, Al Jabbar.

It brought forth tears

From my heart so cold.

But it's a regular thing now

Washing and purifying my soul.

It created empathy within me

A kind of softness in the heart.

But understanding people's pain

Is only just the start.

It opened my eyes

To the struggle of single mothers.

Always giving of themselves

Simply for the sake of others.

It gave me time for self care

Nurturing body, soul and mind.

Putting me in a better position

To always (try to) be kind.

It instilled in me a love for solitude

Relishing in my own company.

Not disturbed by other beings.

Just I, myself and me.

It forced me to face my fear of driving.

After countless failures I passed.

Somewhat of a miracle I might say

But it did happen at last!

It allowed me to travel with family

Parents and siblings too.

Also once in a lifetime journeys.

The ones we must do.

Divorce pushed me to places

I never ever thought I'd be.

But it taught me something important

That nothing in life is for eternity.

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