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Updated: Oct 20, 2022

In my life...I am missing

I miss him who is current

I miss the boy who became a man

I miss my friends

I miss my family

I miss having money

I miss peace of mind

I miss strength

I miss my exes who are still friends

I miss the tears I cried

I miss traveling

I miss a lot

But what I miss most, is being a Mom to my own kids

I have children who belong to others

I have a job I love

I have my family around me

I have love like no other

I have a roof over my head

I have food

I can give to others

I have technology to connect me

I have intelligence

I have understanding of many things

I believe in many things

I accepted many things even when it was hard

I accepted what was impossible

I accepted what I hated

I accepted the plan He chose for me

I accepted surgeries needed to make me better

I accepted examinations that hurt my soul

I accepted removal of a womanly part

I accepted emptiness that followed that removal

I accepted that I would not be a mother to bear children

And now I remember what I am MISSING

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