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The reason why

The reason why I stay in a toxic relationship is for the sake of the children, a roof over my head, and to avoid people's judgments about being a divorcee.
The reason why I choose to be a walk-over is to keep everyone else happy, to feel loved and accepted as I don't know how to give it to myself.
The reason why I stay in a depressive state for years is that I get to live in a bubble called "home".
The reason why I am scared to fulfill my dreams is the fear of failure, before I even tried.
The reason why I shut out genuine friends in my life is, because I cannot tell the difference between real and fake.
The reason why I end up in situations I do not want to be in is, because I believe I deserve it.
And because I cannot think of any other reason why, so I choose to justify.

The reason why
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