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Where is Your Destination?

Full talk available here:

My name is Samia and I’m originally from the sunshine state of Florida. Alhamdulillah I completed my memorization of Quran shortly after attaining my Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a minor in Psychology from Florida State University. I’m both a teacher and student of Quran, taking and haven taken classes with Muddakir, Fawakih Insitute, Tayseer Seminary, and Rabata. I am currently finishing up my Ijaza (Quranic memorization certification) in Hafs recitation inshallah. I’m a single mom to two girls, one of which was born with a very rare syndrome called CHILD, and has special medical needs alhamdulillah. I’m a home barista and take the art of making cappuccinos and lattes very seriously!

What pulled me to start Quranic Ocean is the love I’ve attained for Allah’s words in my own journey of healing and growth. I hope to help others connect with the Quran on a deeper, more personal level and to show you that you too can have a relationship with the Quran! This Quran was sent for our hearts to find comfort in, and as a source of mercy for each and every one of us.

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