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Updated: Mar 3, 2021

A once in a lifetime experience

Or so we always thought.

One gets married to stay forever, right?

And never to divorce, cause remorse.

We trained our minds to think

Of love as something that would not sink.

We made it out to be unshakeable

Bonds completely unbreakable.

That we'd found our soul

with whom to grow old.

Have a hand to hold and a heart of gold.

But this story now must unfold.

You see life happens,

Sometimes people need to grow apart

In order to really grow

And be the goodness that was destined to flow.

So, like when a plant doesn't thrive

You change its environment.

We need to be uprooted, planted elsewhere.

Even unwillingly at times, despite torment.

Each of us is made of love and light

And we should bring out

Just that, goodness, sheer delight

Give someone hope and some respite.

When it doesn't go like this

The story needs a plot twist.

One chapter may close

But fate brings another in our midst.

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