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No One But You

Who will guide me to truth and certainty

If You do not lead my heart on its way?

I seek Your Guidance and Light Ya Hadi, Ya Noor.

Who will forgive my countless sins

If You do not pardon and forgive?

I seek Your Forgiveness Ya Afuw, Ya Ghafoor.

Who will grant me patience and gratitude

If You do not keep me steadfast?

I seek sabr and shukr Ya Sabooru, Ya Shakoor.

Who will fix and rectify my affairs

If You do not grant me strength from within?

I seek Your Succour Ya Fattahu, Ya Jabbar.

Who will conceal my shortcomings

If You do not cover them and overlook?

I seek Your Concealment Ya Aleemu, Ya Sattar.

Who will sustain my life and soul

If You from me rizq withhold?

I seek Your Provision Ya Wahhabu, Ya Razzaq.

Who will show mercy and grace

If You do not inspire compassion?

I seek Your Infinite Mercy Ya Ra'ufu, Ya Raheem.

Who will show kindness and generosity

If You do not infuse it in our souls?

I seek Your Gentleness Ya Lateefu, Ya Kareem.

Who will be a sanctuary

If refuge in You is not sought?

I seek Your Protection Ya Hafeedhu, Ya Raqeeb.

Who will assuage my fears

If I do not fear You first?

I seek relief and solace Ya Baasitu, Ya Mujeeb.

Just who will I turn to

If not to You O Allah?

I seek You and no one but You

Guide me and this Ummah.

Ameen Ya Rabb al 'Alameen

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