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My Wedding Ring

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

For a third of my life, you were with me

You accompanied me

Always there


Wrapped around my finger

Rock solid

I expected to grieve

I thought it would be so hard to say goodbye

We were together for so long

And I loved you

I loved the way you sparkled in the light

The way you would always find me, again

The way you could come back to life after taking a tumble

The way you beautified me

You were such a good companion

I thought I would cry

I thought that I would feel the weight of you not being here with me anymore

But I don’t even miss you

It is as if you made it easy for me

You made it easy to let go

I thought I was holding onto you, but we were holding onto each other

And when I gently tugged you off my finger you went

So easily into a box, without complaining

As if you knew it was time

And I thank you for that

My lovely companion

My wedding ring

- Naimah Abraham: fusion cook, nature girl, gardener, traveler, thinker, boy mom, writer, self taught baker. She is the Author of “In the Belly of the Whale.”

In an open diary of poetry and prose Naimah speaks of the darkness of heartbreak and healing in threefold: the COVID-19 pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement and the end of her marriage. For many, the year 2020 was a year of challenges. Pain, heartbreak and ultimately hope are brought to life in reflections, poems and passages. In parts, the grip of trauma is tight. At other times, the writing is a dreamscape, scattered with wisdom and emotional honesty. One truth is evident - no matter how many layers deep, darkness must end and at the end of hurt, there is always healing. There is always light.

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