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Take my hand and take me away.

For I want to wander this world

And forever be in wonderment.

To see its sights and sounds

And different lands and peoples.

Gaze at history before my very eyes,

be in awe of what it leaves behind.

Even witness endless natural beauty,

and glorify it's Creator, this is my duty.

I want to notice the signs all around.

Then praise Him sincerely

with my head on the ground.

Heartfelt prayers whispered gently

Reaching the Heavens high above,

And a Lord so willing to answer with love.

No matter who we are

Or from where we come,

We all seek connection

To each other, and the One.

The signs are there for you and me

No matter how different you are to me.

We all seek happiness and joy,

Internal peace from deep within.

At times, also experiencing hurt and pain,

And shedding tears just like the rain.

We can all share a moment

of our combined humanity,

despite any differences.

By reaching out, having a welcoming heart

Or a smiling face, just curiosity and a kind embrace.

After all, we were made into nations and tribes to know one another,

and to travel this Earth to see His signs.

To witness Him in everything

And be connected to the Divine.

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