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Bird Story

There was once a bird who as a little chick was happy, lively and beautiful. And she knew that she was good.

She grew up and met another bird. He was handsome, kind and good. He had the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen, and she had the most beautiful beak he had ever seen. She said, “I want to be with you.” He said, “I want to take care of you.” They decided to fly away together, far far away. She cared for him, and he cared for her. She could chirp, and he could twitter. But she couldn’t understand his twitter, and he couldn’t understand her chirp.

And because she couldn’t understand his twitter and he couldn’t understand her chirp, she hurt him, and he hurt her. Until one day he said, “It’s best we fly away from each other. I will always care for you, but we cannot be together anymore.” Her heart was so sad, and she believed that she was a bad bird, and that her wings were damaged and that she was unable to fly anymore. She believed she was a bad flyer and a bad chirper. She remembered that when she was a little bird, she could fly beautifully, but now, she was alone and broken. The blue skies, lush trees and blooming flowers all seemed dull and grey to her.

One day, with the help of her friends, she started to help herself, and saw that she had strength to flap her wings. They were still in good condition. Day by day, she came to realise that inside she was good, and she came to realise that just because she couldn’t sing in harmony with her mate, and just because she couldn’t sing as other birds could, it didn’t mean that she was bad.

She realised that when her bird mate had flown away from her, he didn’t take with him all the things about her that were beautiful and lovable. They were still within her. Slowly, slowly, she spent more time enjoying the sun, chirping with other birds who could understand her. And so she flew a little bit every day, higher and higher, until one day she came to realise that she was good and capable, and she soared high into the dazzling sky, noticing that the colours below were more splendid and vibrant than she had ever seen before. The bird realised that the sky had been supporting her all the while, and the winds had always been carrying her. God lovingly had her in His hand, always.

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