I miss your eyes Your hazel eyes Sometimes with a glint of green Oh those eyes Those beautiful eyes Captivated me Over and over again I miss your lips Your full, pink lips Your gentle kisses Your hugs Your warmth Your smell Your soft skin You were my garment I was yours You went to the pharmacy at midnight When I was congested You rubbed my back As I vomited over the toilet You made me a sandwich As my labour began I clung onto your leg Delirious in labour pain I showed you my scaly body Patches of eczema Uglily everywhere You shrugged and said Problem solved And flipped the light switch So I wouldn’t feel bad You accepted me You accepted me Sleep time cuddles Your toe intertwined with mine My back warm against your chest As you held me With your warm heart I miss seeing you shave in front of the mirror

As you listened to Vivaldi Your cute bum peeking out at the top of your pj pants I miss your arms Your chest Your beautiful ears I miss how you called me Madame Or M’ Lady I miss when you still looked at me With light and gladness in your eyes Those eyes. Those eyes that made me want to be your wife

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